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How can you support us?

Fortunately, the support that Baamdaad received in such a short period was overwhelming. Poems started to pour in from all over the world encompassing different cultures and geographies. Renowned institutions such as The French Pen Association, Studio de Bakkerij , the Argentina Pen Association, International Writers Program (IWP), the World Poetry Festival in Rotterdam, Nabesht Publishing House, Karwan News Site in Japan and Verhalenhuis Belvedere supported this movement. So far, around one hundred poems from all over the world have been sent to Baamdaad. These poems are mostly written in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Persian, Arabic, Japanese and Turkish.


What people or institutions can help Bammad?


If you are against the injustices and disaster created in Afghanistan, if you strive for justice and freedom and believe in human equality regardless of geography, color and race, if you are a poet, artist, writer or a publisher. You are against censorship and suppression of art; you can be our supporter.


If you are interested in publishing, translating and holding poetry workshops and courses for Afghan poets, contact us and support Afghan poets.


We need your help to publish the forbidden poems that are created in Afghanistan!


Until today, Baamdaad has carried out its programs without receiving any budget. We have not had any sponsors so far. Our work has progressed only with your cooperation and spiritual help... We need your help and attention to take the next steps.


Let's fight against repression and censorship and for freedom!

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