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poetry night for Afghanistan

"Poetry Night for Afghanistan" was the title of the cultural meeting that was held in Rotterdam by Baamdaad-House of Poetry in Exile in cooperation with the Dutch cultural institution (Studio de Bakkerij ).

This meeting was held with the aim of supporting Afghan poets and artists who are in exile, censorship and repression and to protest against the imposition of restrictions and bans on all kinds of art by the Taliban.

Anne Vegter, Holland's poetry ambassador and head of the Amsterdam university of Art, considered the situation imposed on Afghanistan by the international community to be unacceptable and inhumane. She wrote a poem supporting girls' education in Afghanistan and performed it.

In this meeting Somaia Ramish; The head of Baamdaad- House of poetry in exile spoke about the state of art and literature in Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban.

Also, Joz Knoop and Francisco Ferrier presented their poems that they wrote against the ban on art in Afghanistan.

Farida Taraneh was one of the Afghan artists among the guests of the program, she talked about her new song and the challenges of the life of female artists and singers in Afghanistan.

The participants of this program considered the indifference of the international community to the situation in Afghanistan as inhumane and considered the efforts to create political and cultural discourses around the situation in Afghanistan to be effective.


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