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No Jail Can Confine Your Poems published in Dutch!

The anthology of world poetry (Geen Enkele Gevangenis Kan JE Gedicht Opsluiten) against censorship and repression of art in Afghanistan, in Dutch, was published by "Willem Giezeman" in the Netherlands. This anthology contains fifty poems supporting Afghan poets and artists and opposing censorship. These poems were written by renowned poets from the Netherlands, the USA, France, Japan, India, Brazil, Argentina, Denmark, Nepal, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Italy, Turkey, Canada, and more in response to the call of "Baamdaad - House of Poetry in Exile." These are poems from around the world carrying a clear message against the prohibition of art and censorship.

French and Japanese translations of this anthology have previously been published, and work on the Italian translation is currently underway. Baamdaad - House of Poetry in Exile is a protest movement that has brought together numerous poets from around the world against censorship and oppression, creating a global discourse on the state of poetry and art in Afghanistan. Over the past year, dozens of conferences, literary symposiums, human rights dialogues, interviews, and articles have been organized by Baamdaad - The House of Poetry in Exile in various countries.

The translation of the poems from English to Dutch in this anthology was done by Marjolein Bonte and Hanne Craye, the poems edited by Fleur Jeras. We sincerely appreciate your volunteer work in supporting this protest movement.

We also thank all the poets who sent us their poems. It should be noted that in this anthology, we have published a selection of poems. Our effort is to publish a complete version of the world poetry anthology against censorship and repression, including all the poems we have received, after translation and in future opportunities.

The poets featured in this anthology are:

Christopher Merrill

Tarik Gunersel

Martine L. Jacquot

Ananda Devi

Roopa R

Evie Groch

Thibault Jacquot–Paratte

Professor Kamani Jayasekera

Susan Alexander

David Bokolo

Miwa Ota

Davide Minotti

Anne Hopkinson

Shelly Bhoil

Alshaad Kara

Miku Hayama

Jennifer Evans

Bongani Zungu

Richard Kenney

Dianne L. Knox

Katherine E. Young


Shirani Rajapakes

Kayes Syed

Cecile Oumhani

Nijo Cenka


Golane Haji

Daniel G Scott

Denise Desautels

Akira Okawada

Signe Kierkegaard Cain

Eriko Tsugawa

Yoshiya Asato

Koichi Uematsu

Yumiko Aoki


Juan Tausk

Lidija Dimkovska

Ismail Kamara

Juan Heinsohn Huala

Jana Beranova

Leo Stilma

Jan Rikken

Mark Boninsegna

Luis Bracamontes

Joz Knoop




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