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Baamdaad - House of Poetry-in-Exile

Solidarity of World Poets against Censorship and Suppression

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I am watching six black-capped chickadees,
newly-fledged. They dip and dazzle,
drunk with flight feathers.

Susan Alexander

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Somaia Ramish

Founder of Baamdaad - The House of Poetry-in-Exile

Somaia Ramish is a prolific poet, writer and human right activist in the past two decades in Afghanistan. She is currently a research PH. D student at the prestigious University of Delhi, India in the field of Literature.

Somaia Ramish has been an elected representative of the people in the Herat Provincial Council--a renowned province in the western Afghanistan. She worked as director of the New Thinkers Organization /Naw Andishan in Herat (2009- 2021) and director of Herat Sister City Committee with of Sister City Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Somaia Ramish is also a prolific writer whose articles have appeared in the most prestigious newspapers and magazines, nationally and internationally. She has also written poetries that have been published and translated in many international publications and a few composed in music, a recent one by Conspirer Opera, in Austin Texas.